1:50 scale-model of the structure

Metalworking is a very exciting process that involves several steps. In this manufactory, aluminium plates are processed into unique fruit bowls in three steps. Due to the manual work, each end product is unique.
The factory is located on Stegmattstrasse and lies below the slope. It fits in perfectly with the topology of the site and makes the most of its qualities. The manufactory is accessible via two routes. Visitors can enter the building via a bridge that leads directly to the upper floor. Suppliers can use the existing path that leads from the street level down to the low level of the slope.
The building is planned with a truss construction, which lies on a grid-shaped strip foundation. This makes the manufactory stand out from the terrain and appear to float. This was designed to make the manufactory appear lighter. In addition, different heights were used throughout the building to make the floor plan more lively. The differences in height are particularly noticeable on the ground floor, where each stage of the work takes place at a different height.
The steel beams inside the building define the rooms and workplaces and are also visible from the outside. All the steel trusses are painted white in order to cancel out the heavy static truss construction and to bring the idea of lightness more clearly to the fore. Therefore, the manufactory ends with a slightly overhanging flat roof, which reflects the lightness of the building.

1:20 scale-model of the interior
1:20 scale-model of the Façade

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