Some dark green and blue vibes

Hey People, here are some shots from a shooting in zurich a couple months ago. It was an amazing shooting session with a lot of talented photographers and models.

Stella-1 Kopie


Jojo.1 Kopie


Joel-1 Kopie


Jasmina-3 Kopie


Jasmina-2 Kopie


Jasmina-1 Kopie


IMG_1 Kopie




Debbie-1 Kopie


113 Kopie



112 Kopie



111 Kopie


Naemen (Shooting session)

Hello everyone,  a couple weeks ago I did a little shooting session with Naeman in Sankt Gallen. Naeman is a swiss singer and he is going to sing at the Eurovision song contest for Switzerland. It was pretty fun even tho we didn’t shoot a lot. The only thing which was kinda disturbing was the weather it was really cloudy and we didn’t had very much light. I was shooting with my Canon 6D Mark II and a 50mm 1.8 lens. IMG_1836