Heii everyone! I hope you all have a nice day. I’m on my way to my hometown Iran. I’m so excited to get there and see all my families again. The last time i saw them was about one year ago. I’m currently sitting at the Airport in Munich and waiting for my fly. How you can see I’m wearing my absolute favourite colours. Blue, red, black and white. On the top I’m wearing a Champion t-shirt that i bought at which is in my opinion one of the best online shops ever. Under that as you see I’m wearing some distressed black skinny jeans which i really love. I bought them at Only&Sons. On the bottom I’ve got my lovely Versus Versace sneakers. I bought them almost one year ago and I’m still wearing them. They are just my favourite ones. I’m wearing it with a pair of Adidas socks which gives brings more attention to my look. The Jacket I’m wearing is hand painted by myself and is one of my favourite. If you want to see more and read more about it you can check the Post from it here which i did a couple weeks agoIMG_9697



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