Hii everyone!! It’s great to see y’all here! I’ve posted an article about the living as a street musician last week with Jakub Ondra. How I said here is the second Blog-post. I will tell you a story that he experienced and about his new album.

I’ve asked him if there anything special happened while he was traveling as a street musician. So, he told me this: Once I’ve traveled to Vienna with a friend of mine, I was about the record my first song there and he was about to shoot his first music video. His parents they were actually super rich. And my friend took his parents super expensive car. And went to play on the streets. So, we played and played and everything was OK. After a while, we went back to the car to take something that we forgot and we didn’t know that we were followed by the Police. So, when we get to the car and they saw the car that we had. They stopped us and started asking us all those questions, if we pay taxes and stuff like that. And yeah we spent about four hours at the police station. My biggest song right now called the menu and I actually wrote the song there at the police station. And they took a lot of money that we made that day, but I made it back with the song after it was sold. So I guess there is justice in this World.IMG_9437.jpg

The new song Tram nr.15 and also one of my favourites. The song is actually about one of Jakub’s friends.  He decided to go on a tram and just travel from one place to an other. It was a really cold day he couldn’t reach any of his friends and he just bought some alcohol and went on a tram. And he got really drunk and was super wasted. And then he got kicked out of the tram and he died because it was super cold outside and stumbled and fell on the ground. It took Jakub one and half year to write the song down. He wanted to settle down first and write the song in a better situation.

When I asked him what his plan for the future is, he showed me this:

Jakub Ondra: Support busking, support street musicians and go to the city council and tell them you want street musicians in your city. That’s what I would like to tell everyone.

If you want to see him busking in zurich check out my YouTube video!🔥

Check out his Social media!






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