Old tires are normally thrown out or at the very least end up sitting around in the garage or yard collecting dust. Instead of throwing them out or letting them sit there making your yard look cluttered, how about turning them into something useful? Whether you have one or one hundred tires, there is always something that you can make with them that will not only repurpose them but give you a great interior décor. 

This weekend I will show you some ways to use a tire in your room as a table. It’s gonna be really easy. All you need is a tire or two and a glass pane. It doesn’t have to be glass you can also use other materials. I will show you 4 ways to make a table with this two things.

The first one is the most simplest way but looks pretty cool.




So for the second one you need the same things. It is pretty simple like the first one but looks really nice. I used it for a long time like this but now i changed it up a lil bit 😉 




So the third one is really cool! It is almost like the first one but way cooler. You just add another tire to the first the one and you have a whole other table. Ok, it is pretty much the same but still..LOL 

Btw if you are interested in fashion and all the Luxury brands. The book Karl is really interesting. It is abut the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld how he got so successful and worked with all this huge brands. 




So the fourth and last way how you can use it is the coolest way which is my favourite. We are just gonna mix the first and the second table. And we get the most amazing table ever which i fell in love with. How about you do? do you like it?  





So now you know what you have to do;) Get your tire and make your own table.

So like every week thank you for reading my blog. I hope you like it if you did give me a thumbs up and don’t forget subscribe. I appreciate every single person who subscribe my blog. See you next time!


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