T-Shirt: Topman
Jeans: G-Star
Sneaker: Alberto Guardini
Jacket: Burberry 


Personal motivation is the key to maintaining almost all aspects in your life. It’s something that’s really important to have a better life and achieve your goals. You don’t have to be always motivated. I mean I’m not 24/7 motivated. But i will give you some tips how to beat your unmotivated time and get your butt off and do what you have to do to have a great and successful time with a lot of motivation.


What is your Goal?

It is important to set goals in life and not just go through life without any plans and aims. Think about your goal. What is it? How do you want to achieve it? And why? Set small steps to get to your goal. Small steps are easier to achieve then a huge step and it makes more fun.Check always how much close you got to your goal. Look back and see what changed due the process of achieving your goal. Find the good reason why you are doing this. There is always a good reason behind every action. Keep tracking your goals! You can maybe follow your idols on social media so they always remember you why you started or push you to your limits.


Stay Positive

Positivity is also a very important point to keep going your way and not to lose your route.You have to see in every bad situation a positive thing. I know you probably think where the positive thing is for example when I crashed my new car which i get for my 18th birthday. But there is maybe behind the whole story a positive thing. Maybe it had to end-up like this. Or it could be worse. Just work on yourself to see the positive thing in the bad situations. Hang out with positive people. Keep yourself away from people who drag you down the their problems.You don’t need to have a big circle of friends. Keep it small and be surrounded by people who give you positive vibes and energy.


Reward yourself

Make sure you reward yourself every time you achieve a goal or you get something done. It can be as simple as a bowl of ice creme or nice cold drink after a long hard work. You can go to a place you really like to just turn everything off and enjoy your day. Or just stay at home and watch some movies..  That is very important if you want to stay always motivated. Don’t be to hard on yourself. But be careful don’t take too long breaks it can get you off the track. You still have to be focused on your goals;)


Take care of yourself

Keep your body healthy. It helps you to feel better and have a clear mind. If you are working hard 5 days go to bed earlier 5 days. Sleep is very important. You are much more motivated when you have a lot of power.Work out! Keep working out regularly. You don’t have to go every day to gym and work out for two hours. It can just be some sit-ups and push-ups every morning.


Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope it helped you as much as these tips help me – do share it with a friend or someone you know if you think it will help them out.


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