Todays outfit of the day showcases one of my favourite trends in the freezing swiss weather. Layering a black Burberry zipper hoodie which  has a great leather zip pull on it and adds a nice detail underneath a oversized denim jacket. The denim jacket is hand painted on the back by myself. Under my zipper hoodie i’m wearing a Diesel t-shirt which i used to wear it oversized but after washing it twice it got almost a size smaller..lmao


Down below i’ve got some black distressed jeans on which i bought by Only&Sons. I really like it when jeans are a lil bit distressed at the knees, it gives your look a really special touch. And they are also pretty comfortable;)


On my feet i’m wearing black Balenciaga Arenas. I felt so in love with them. Those are really comfortable and stylish too. You can wear them with almost every look. So if you are looking for some sneakers which you can wear with almost every look get you some Balenciaga.


How i said the the denim jacket is hand painted by myself. May i tell you the story how it comes to it. I saw actually this type of denim jacket a lot and i was always thinking to buy myself a jacket with painting or pads on it. When i was in Paris i didn’t brought a warm jacket with me and it was pretty cold so i decided to look for a nice jacket and i found this one in Zara for a pretty cheap price. So how it comes that i painted the jacket by myself.. I was talking with a guy in Paris and he had a really nice denim jacket on which was also painted and i asked him if he did it by himself. And he told me that a friend of him did it. That kinda inspired me to do it too.

so.. Last weekend i was sitting in my room trying to “study” for an exam while my jacket was hanging in front of me. lol That was the moment when i got the idea to paint my jacket on the back. So i started to do some sketches.. Which end up on my jacket the next day.

If you want me to do a post about DIY denim jackets make sure you like the post down below and comment it.

IMG_8887 2.jpg

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