Have you ever been in the situation you didn’t want to eat fast-food and also didn’t want to spend a lot?
 Me and my friend Chris we got really hungry after shopping in the streets of Paris which makes you really tired as well. So we were looking for a nice restaurant in Paris which was not that expensive and also not like a fast-food restaurant. We asked some people for help but it was really hard to find the place they told us..
Just behind the Museé de Louvre at the Rue de Rivoli we found a couple of restaurants. So we checked all the Menus and we went to best one.
The location was really nice, it was right next to the street, in the front of the beautiful Tuileries Garden. So we ordered a Pizza with meat, mushrooms and olives, a Hamburger with french fries and salad, and French Onion Soup.
Everything we ordered was pretty nice and well served. And we both get really stuffed, so they served enough.
What you have to order once you are in Paris: The French Onion Soup.
It taste just amazing. It’s not just a normal soup as you know from home.. It has this special cheese topping which makes it so tasty.
So now you know what you have to eat for starter in Paris;)

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