Paris one of the nicest places in the world. If you have planed to travel to Paris you have to start your day well. So keep reading bc i’m gonna show you how to start your day;)
I will tell you about the Brunch. You probably gonna have breakfast in your Hotel. But during your Paris trip you should at least brunch once at a nice french restaurant ( not in Starbucks! or any fast-food shit haha )
I will tell you about a really nice place in the centre of Paris where i had the best brunch ever!
So the restaurant is actually pretty easy to find. It is right next to the GARE-SAINT-LAZAR and behind the shopping centre PRINTEMPS.  The name of the restaurant is LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN SAINT-LAZAR. You can go by the Metro to GARE-SAINT-LAZAR and then walk from there to the restaurant. It’s around 5min from the Metro-Station.  You will find it pretty easy i will also write the Link down below:)
Anyways.. The food was really deliciousssssss and they served the food Amazing. I was just watching at it and i didn’t know where to start.
And the people there are also very kind and there for any help you need.
The costs for a nice Brunch will be from 15-35 Euro it depends on how much you want to eat. If you just want to have a drink and a lil snack it will probably cost under 15 Euro. But don’t worry it worth it to spend a lil bit more:)

Have fun brunching in Paris


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